About Us

Our story, our philosophy, our love for food

We Make Your Taste Buds Come Alive

We at Rana are known for offering traditional Pakistani cuisine in contemporary classic surroundings in Prague for over 20 years. It is a family-owned restaurant, where you will often be personally greeted by the owners. The setting is comfortable and relaxing, providing a gentle ambiance that aims to make you feel at home. The aromas are tempting and promise the mouth watering and delicious fare of our signature specialties.

Our cuisine is the product of a sublime synthesis of spices found in the subcontinent. Spices can be fragrant like saffron, coriander, mint, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. Spices can be strong like garlic and ginger, or hot like chilli and paprika. The colourful array of spices can be combined in myriad ways. This complexity results in the striking individuality of each dish.

Our story is simple, to continue to serve you and satisfy your taste buds in the best way possible; by making your food.